Ryan is a Chicago-based independent software developer, technology consultant, and entrepreneur. Previously he worked as a consultant with ThoughtWorks,  helping their clients solve the most critical problems facing their businesses. Over the last 10+ years, he has built and worked with companies across finance, aviation, logistics, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and education, developing software and facilitating interactions with a focus on balanced systems that actually get out the door.

Ryan is an avid traveler, a passion that dovetails with the universality of software development and the flexibility of consulting. Leveraging the support of the global network of ThoughtWorks offices and an unparalleled mobility policy, Ryan has worked in Chicago, Dallas, Porto Alegre, Sydney, Melbourne, Boston, San Francisco, and London.

When Ryan is not building companies or consulting with organizations, he builds, maintains, and operates various other websites and services. Many have come and gone, but the following have sustained consistent interest:

This site is Ryan’s personal blog and portfolio, where he writes about software, technology, photography, travel and more. He can be reached by emailing ryan (at) buterbaugh (dot) org.